Training Programs Are Worse Than Worthless

This applies to "BIM People", not necessarily staff who just need to use BIM tools occasionally, or folks for whom BIM knowledge and skill is a complement to their core competencies. 

If you need a formal training program to learn Revit/Navis/Rhino/whatever, you probably aren't going to be a very good BIM person. 

If your staff needs a structured training program, you probably need different staff. 

BIM tools change rapidly.

BIM processes change rapidly (every other day we learn a better way to do things, or discover that the world is now ready to do it this way instead of that way).  

Things change so fast that no training program will keep up. As soon as you finish investing time in a training program, it'll be obsolete, and you'll have built a great "well this is just how we do things 'round here" infrastructure. Good luck with that.

If self-training/learning isn't embedded into your daily life or organizational structure, you'll get left behind. 

Build an intro to Revit/tool of your choice info packet, sure. But be careful. It might just be a device for catapulting people up to their level of incompetence, where they stagnate.

Maybe if they can't figure out the basics on their own, they won't be able to keep up with the change, so they should do something else. Something that doesn't change so fast.

This is a very sink or swim philosophy, and intolerant of all learning styles except self-directed auto-didacts. It is not very nice. 

How do you institutionalize this approach across a medium to large organization? Only hire auto-didacts.