Change It Or Accept It

"If it can be changed, there's some action that will change it. If it can't, it must be considered part of the landscape to be integrated in strategy and tactics." – Paul Allen, Getting Things Done

Text boxes in Revit are terrible. People have been railing at Autodesk to make text boxes suck less for something like fifteen years. Maybe it's a hard problem to fix. I'm not a programmer, I don't know.

Since we couldn't change Revit's text boxes ourselves (not being programmers at Autodesk), we researched a work-around that other people on the internet had figured out.

We made a Generic Annotation family, put it on a Drafting View, make a Schedule that reads those Families, and use those Schedules for our cover sheet notes, sheet notes, and general notes -- all the places where Revit text boxes fail miserably.

The fake 'text boxes' format nicely. They're a little more complicated to learn than just typing in a text box, but it works fine and it looks good.

We don't spend time ranting about Revit's shitty text boxes anymore. It's just part of the landscape.

Life is too short to spend any time on things you have no power to change. Every time you come up against something that sucks, quickly ask if you can change it. If you can, do so. If you can't, accept it and adapt to it.